vineri, 6 august 2010

Office skirt remix

So, I found in my mom`s wardrobe a deux piece office costume, and was kind of boring, I mean it is an usual office costume, nothing interesting, and i borrow the skirt, i used a black lace skirt underneath, a blue scarf(to give some color) and made a remix, hope you like it!

miercuri, 4 august 2010

Bad hair day:P

Despite the fact that I have had one of those bad hair days , the driving lessons that I`ve started about two weeks ago, began to work better (today I stopped the engine just two times ), a couple of days I was about to have a nervous breakdown, `cause I was just thinking about how much I such, however I want so bad that driving license that make me more ambitious.

joi, 29 iulie 2010

Pis pis

This dress is a combination of two skirts, a simple white skirt underneath and a black top penile sheath, and the rest of the outfit consists in a pair of blue tights, black shoes and an orange cardigan over `cause the wind is quite cold.

Recently I start to take driving lessons and it`s quite hard for me `cause I had never been driving so it`s not actually a pleasure to go on the car and hear all the things that I did wrong:P, but hope it will be fine...

marți, 27 iulie 2010

Something special!

This is my love:X I put it into a photo session last week, i love him!

Bla or blu?

I combined a linen shirt with an embroidered skirt, blue jacket and blue hosiery
so hope you like it!

Rainy day...

I can not believe that the rain started again, that's incredible, after a week of hot weather when you come out around 12 hours were very high chance of passing, now suddenly the rain started, with this weather is awful and I was scheduled hours of driving, driving is a disaster, I was missing rain ... finally, I must go.